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The dance studio  “Dance Dream” was founded on March 11, 2020, by Fotini Antoniou.

The dance studio Dance Dream was founded on March 11, 2020, by Fotini Antoniou. Located in East London, Barking Essex is the only dance school in the area.

Dance Dream offer the ultimate mental renewal through rhythm and movement. There are classes for all ages and dance levels, classes of all kinds of dance with the main feature of the knowledge and experience of the best teachers and with the sole purpose of your own pleasure and entertainment. However, in our dance studio, you will also find sections for strictly active people where they want to try and exceed their fitness limits.

Expert Trainers

All classes are suitable for both men and women and all levels of fitness welcome.

Fotini Antoniou

Dance Trainer

My name is Antoniou Foteini, I born and raised in Greece… I started to dance when I was 3years old with ballet for 3 years… Then I continued with traditional greek dance for 4 years…after 2years I changed completely dance style…When I was 10 years old I’ve been in Latin, Street Dance and Bellydance world…I participated in racing dance teams… I’ve been in many competitions in Greece as such the International cup, International Greek Cup, Championship, Greek cup, where I had conquered 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. I started to work as a teacher since I was 17 years old with many dance studios in Greece… I was working with many teams like kids teenagers and Adults classes…. I love my job I’m dedicated to my job as well as disciplined in what I do…You could find many of my winnings with my teams as follow…!!!

Antonis Katoikos


Antonis is an experienced stage performance teacher born in Greece and moved into UK in 2016.
He is a graduate from University of Portsmouth with a BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Degree. He moved on to Master Level and MA Theatre in Education. He has completed many seminars around Musical Theatre, Voice and Technique and Stage Performance. He is a founder and Project Manager of Parts Theatre Company – a newly formed musical theatre company based in London and Portsmouth with new production coming up for this season including participation in many festivals around UK. Antonis has also been working as a choreographer within full scale musicals and he was the choreographer for the audition process for the Musical Theatre course in University of Portsmouth.


Lastly, he is still an active director of an AMDRAM musical theatre company in Greece – named Turn Up The Volunteerism which is donating all income to charities around Greece

Ioanna Konstantinidou

Dance Trainer

Ioanna Konstantinidou born and raised in Greece. Her dance journey started at the age of three with classic ballet. After six years she started trying different types such as contemporary and jazz. She went into a professional dance academy in Thessaloniki Greece where she studied for two years classic ballet contemporary kinesiology and music kinetic. At the age of twenty-one, she left everything behind and moved to London to expand her knowledge and mind about her passion. She studied pilates yoga and aerial yoga and she managed to take level 2 qualification from circus fit academy. In the meantime, she is taking jazz flexibility and contemporary classes at the City Academy of London. Also, she is giving aerial classes in gym studios all around London as aerial is one of her biggest passions.

Annalisa Di Rico


My name is Annalisa Di Rico. I was born and raised in Italy. Since I was a kid I have always liked dancing and the feeling of freedom that comes with it. Few years ago I have joined the Dance Dream school as a student and then two years ago I have taken the certificate for Zumba instructor and I have become part of this beautiful team. I strongly believe that music brings people together and dancing is a powerful way to showcase your creativity and relieve your body for mental and physical stress. Therefore people don’t be shy, feel free to express yourself and your feelings and keep dancing

Abang Andrew Jello


My name is Abang Andrew Jello, I born and raised in Nigeria. My dance life started at the age of 5 with hip-hop and African traditional/cultural dance. When I was 9 I start learning gradually other genres of dance like the contemporary African and modern dance which includes: Krumping, pop and lock,street dance, afro pop, naija craze etc. I won a couple of Awards like the Nigeria Urban Street Dance (1st place),Hip-Hop International HHI Nigeria (1st place) Dance Arcade Naija (1st place) Malting FamilyDance Hall (2nd place) Malta Guiness Street Dance (3rd place). I represented Nigeria at the HHI 2016 in Las Vegas,3rd runner up at the Nigeria Got Talent. I am also the president of FFD dance crew in Nigeria , I was 29 when I moved to London where I choose to share my knowledge in entertaiment and to also promote my passion for dance.

Chloe Smiter-Easton


Chloë graduated from Kingston University receiving a BA (Hons) Dance Degree. During her time at university, she competed in many dance competitions; she was part of the Advanced Contemporary, Jazz, Latin and Hip-Hop teams.
Since graduating, Chloë has been training in a variety of styles and has started to grow in her dance career. She was a Dancer for Parts Theatre Company in their ‘A Wicked Tale’ and is now part of their newest musical ‘Dear Diary’ where she plays the role of Fiona, which involves singing, acting and dancing.
Chloë started dancing at her local dance school from the age of 3 which included styles of Jazz, Tap, Modern and Ballet where she took part in showcases and examinations. She has always wanted to teach children dance and has been working on her own technique and knowledge to give her students the best teaching possible. She cannot wait to start teaching you

Alexandra Gabriela

Boxing Trainer
Dance Trainer

My name is Alexandra, I was born in Romania but raised in England since an early age. I am passionate about sport and nutrition since the age of 12,when I started to practice boxing. That was the moment when I became interested about sport. Until now I have practiced boxing; kickboxing; jujitsu and fitness. A few years ago, I decided to start coaching boxing which increased my passion about this sport even more. Also, I am keen on coaching step classes as I have a strong ability to motivate and encourage individuals to exceed their limits in order to achieve their goals. I am a strong believer that “ you can do it, because nothing is impossible” and my personal motto is “ never give up”. Should you be interested to overcome your limits, come and join one of my classes, where I can help you achieve your sport goals!





Lastly, he is still an active director of an AMDRAM musical theatre company in Greece – named Turn Up The Volunteerism which is donating all income to charities around Greece

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